Our smart use of location data to reach audiences or demonstrate a campaigns effect has consistently been recognised through industry awards


Volvo used Mobsta's location targeted audiences and measurement to better understand the effect of their media, online and offline, at driving visits into their dealerships.


We identified the optimum audience, travel distance and in market consumers to target, delivering directional messaging to push them to visit a Volvo dealership. Exposure to OOH was also included in the targeting mix.

Our measurement report then showed the effect multi-channel strategies can have on increasing dealer visits


Using Mobsta’s real time location data, we precisely pinpointed potential customers with contextual messages showing range and quality in an effort to drive them in store. by meshing location and point of interest data and tailoring the creative accordingly.


We tactically targeted potential customers within a 1 mile distance of an Iceland store with seasonal creative, which then expanded to showcase the Christmas range and a dynamic map providing the potential customers their closest Iceland.

This fulfilled our objective of making it as easy as possible to visit, and the jump from awareness to store visit a short one.

American Airlines

A combination of GPS datasets and timestamped location signals allowed us to understand who was exposed to the wrapped Taxis and understand the media placements effect.

Our platform is able to identify the audience exposed to Taxi media by combining two data sets. Device location and taxi location, which is constantly shared by a box in the moving vehicle.