Combining location and other data insights to build standard, premium and bespoke audience segments.

Built against our extensive point of interest (POI) database which determines what location behaviours say about a users’ real-world actions e.g. from home, work, cinema, gym, supermarket / retailer, etc.

Allowing you to build and target audiences based on past behaviour.


Proximity targeting

Our DSP allows us to deliver media against live location signals. So that we can target users based on their current location.

This can be used to reach people when they are in proximity to a relevant location, such as driving an audience into a retail location.

This is particularly useful when combining mobile with other channels such as Out Of Home (OOH).


Success with attribution

Post-campaign, we track and measure users to see if they visit a store or location.

Demonstrating what effect the campaign had at changing behaviour and driving real world effect.

We optimise campaigns based on these insights and demonstrate the campaign’s impact by showing visit rate increases versus the control group. 



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